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RA helps with Move-In.

Resident/Community Assistant Internship

Resident/Community Assistants provide leadership, assistance, and support to the students living in the residence halls (RAs) and University-owned apartments (CAs). Due to the nature of living on-campus, a large portion of RA/CA responsibilities are not planned or scheduled.


  • 24 hours of completed undergraduate course work at the time of appointment
  • Cumulative 2.40 GPA at time of application
  • Good standing with the University and within residential community (e.g. ISUPD, Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution, Behavior within housing community)
  • Have lived in the residence halls/on-campus for at least two complete semesters by the start date
  • Enrolled in classes full-time as an undergraduate or graduate student at Illinois State University
  • Willingness to commit to the Resident/Community Assistant Internship for at least one academic year

Every RA/CA must carefully organize time commitments to meet the demands of the internship along with course work and personal interests. Therefore, students engaging in student teaching, internships, professional practicums, or employment outside of Illinois State are not allowed to serve in the RA/CA Internship.


A majority of the benefits you will receive by becoming a Resident/Community Assistant at Illinois State University will be intangible. RA/CAs will gain valuable experience in areas that future employers look for in the college graduates they hire. University Housing Services has built an internship where the National Association of College & Employers (NACE) skills are the driving force of what RA/CAs are asked to do and are the skills they will develop and take away from the internship. In addition to NACE skills, RA/CAs will gain valuable experience in leadership, organization, time management, ethics, program planning, mediation, crisis response, and administration. These experiences will carry you through your personal and professional life.

The NACE skills of the RA/CA internship include the following areas:

  1. Communication: Relationships, Clear & Accurate Written Communication, Tact of Communication, Conflict
  2. Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: Valuing Diversity, Understanding Identity, Fosters Belonging, Community Expectations
  3. Critical Thinking/Problem Solving: Referrals, Information Literacy, Addressing Negative Impact
  4. Professionalism: Professional Standards, Confidentiality, Responsibilities, Career Development

Tangible benefits will include

  • RA/CAs receive a waiver for the cost of their room and meal plan


Similar to the RA/CA Q & A Sessions, Workshops are an opportunity to learn more about the RA/CA Internship. In Workshops, candidates will walk through common situations that RA/CAs are faced with and will be able to practice going through the situations themselves. Candidates will be able to learn from current RA/CAs about tips, tricks, best practices, and lessons they have learned through handling different situations in their roles. Required event for consideration.

  • All Day - February 24 (2/24) with sessions from 8-10 a.m, 10-12 p.m., 1-3 p.m. and 3-5 p.m. in the Watterson Towers Rosa Parks Conference Room.
  • Candidates will receive future communication via their ISU email on how to sign up for a Workshop.

Individual Interview

The final step to be considered for the RA/CA Internship is to complete an Individual Interview. Each interview is scheduled for 45 minutes and will be conducted by one full-time University Housing Services employee from each area of campus (3 total). The interview will last for about 30 minutes in order to leave plenty of time for candidates to ask any remaining questions they may have. Required event for consideration.

  • Watterson Towers Rosa Parks Conference Room February 27 - March 6, sessions offered all day.
  • Candidates will receive future communicaiton via their ISU email on how to sign up for an Individual Interview.


  • Facilitate the personal development of residents in a variety of ways, including meeting social, physical, and emotional needs and by being sensitive to their individual concerns.
  • Organize floor and hall events to encourage active participation and involvement on a one-on-one, small group, and large group basis.
  • Develop and maintain a community atmosphere within the residence halls, Cardinal Court, or Fell and School Street apartments.
  • Assist in administrative duties such as writing reports, submiting forms such as Bird Calls, program proposals, bi-weekly reports, duty coverage, and other tasks as assigned.
  • Communicate and enforce residence hall and university rules and regulations.
  • Be a role model to your fellow students through mature behavior consistent with university rules and regulations.
  • Inform students about university procedures, services, and policies and make referrals when appropriate to other campus and community agencies.
  • Participate in a weekly staff business meeting that occurs on Tuesday.
  • All RA/CAs will be required to enroll and receive a B or higher grade in a zero hour eight week course during each semester they are in the role.
  • RA/CAs are only allowed to work 15 hours (first semester in internship) in an on-campus job and 28 hours (every semester after first) per week.