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Housing & Dining Portal

The Housing & Dining Portal is now open for new students.  The portal opens on February 18 for returning students.

New Package Inquiry

Did you have a package shipped to your residence hall or apartment and have you received confirmation from the shipping carrier, but have not received the package? If so, please follow the link below to request an inquiry with our mail staff and provide the necessary information needed to locate and route your package accordingly so that we can get your package to you quicker! If you have any additional questions, please contact your residence hall’s or apartment complex’s front desk or the Service Area Coordinator. Please note that this form is specifically for packages where you have received a delivery confirmation from your shipper. If you have not received a delivery confirmation yet, please reach out to your shipper for more information.

Additionally, each Residence Hall and Apartment Complex has specified mail hours for our staff dedicated to internally securing and processing all packages and standard mail. Therefore, this does cause a delay in package retrieval from the time shipping carriers indicate delivery and when students receive the UHS package pick-up email, typically between 3 to 48 hours depending on the volume of mail received each day. Please take this into consideration before filling out the form.

View the Package Inquiry Form


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