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Two roommates study together.


Room Selection

Illinois State University enables required first time in college students who sign their contracts and submit their initial payment prior to and including June 1 the ability to self-select their housing online through the Housing and Dining Portal. Students receive their information regarding their online selection date or the next steps via email mid-June.

Required first time in college students who complete their contracts after June 1 and submit their room preferences through our online portal and will be assigned a space in July.

Transfer students who meet the June 1 priority filing date qualify for a randomized lottery where some students will be allowed the opportunity to roommate match and select a space in the apartments. Those who are not selected or completed their contract after June 1 will submit their room preferences through our online portal and will be assigned a space in July.

The assignments staff do their best to honor preferences, but it is important to note that preferences are not guaranteed due to space availability.

More information regarding room selection will be available in the spring.


Illinois State University enables all admits the ability to create a roommate profile within the Housing and Dining Portal Required first time in college students who sign their contract and submit their initial payment by June 1 will be able to search for roommate matches using this profile. Required first time in college students and transfer students who complete the contract after June 1 will be manually assigned a room. Housing staff will use the roommate profile as part of the assignment process. Our assignments staff does their best to match you up with a roommate and room based on several different criteria. In addition, we have several strategies in place to make sure that you and your roommate have the best experience possible. Learn how to navigate roommate relationships here

In the halls, you have the opportunity to interact with others, participate in activities, initiate thought-provoking discussions and make lifelong friends.

  • With these opportunities, you are expected to:

    • treat others with respect
    • communicate concerns to others
    • ensure your actions do not infringe on others
    • keep your floor/suite/hall clean

During one of your first floor meetings, your floor will complete a Community Agreement. Your RA will facilitate the discussion needed to start the year on the right track. The role you play in your new community will contribute to its success.

The Roommate Agreement is a practical application of Thomas Gordon's philosophy. If used appropriately, it can serve as an effective tool to guide you and your roommate(s) in establishing a mutually satisfying relationship with one another. You will have the opportunity to fill out the Roommate Agreement with your RA at the beginning of the year. Remember, not only do you have a roommate, you are a roommate!

University Housing Services makes housing and roommate assignments based upon a student’s gender identity. Students are asked to select their gender identity when they begin using the Housing and Dining Portal. Students who would like more individualized attention regarding their room assignment should contact Associate Director for Residential Operations, Guadalupe Montalvo, at (309) 438-3002. Or if you have general questions regarding the process please contact our main housing line at (309) 438-8611.


When you move in, you may have the option to use a loft kit in your room or adjust your bed for space.

  • Junior Loft or Bunking

    Beds can be adjusted to seven different heights with no loft kit needed from 10" to 33" off the ground. This is tall enough to place a dresser, refrigerator, or storage containers under a bed.

  • Traditional Loft

    Using a traditional loft will require a loft kit. The lowest height is 45.5" and max height is 68". For details on how to put together a traditional loft, view our Loft Kit Video.