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Upon entering college, you will most likely be granted more freedom than ever before. Illinois State University is committed to sharing knowledge, searching for truth, and developing you as one of its students, so society will prosper as a result of your contribution. So you may fulfill these aspirations, you have been granted the freedoms of inquiry, expression, association, participation in government, and your right to a fair process to address your issues.

However, these are not the only rights and freedoms granted to you as an Illinois State University student - there are more. To make the most of your college and campus living experience, take the time to seek out and understand these freedoms, and always remember - with freedom comes responsibility.

Review these policies and contact the Housing office with any questions at (309) 438-8611.

University on-campus housing policy

The University requires students to live in university housing their first two years out of high school.

Students who fall under the University On-Campus Housing Policy will not be able to register for classes until University Housing Services receives their residence hall contract and initial payment. These regulations are applicable to all students insofar as space is available in University residence halls.

Campus housing exemptions

While students who have been out of high school less than two years are required to reside in University-operated housing, exceptions are occasionally made. Learn more about Campus Housing Exemptions.

Cancellation policy

Housing contracts are for the entire academic year or balance remaining at the time of assignment. However, contracts may be cancelled by students who have withdrawn from the University or fulfilled the requirements of the University on-campus housing policy. Learn more about contract cancellation policy.