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Summer Housing info

Summer housing is located in Wilkins Hall, a 12-story, air-conditioned residence hall located on the west edge of campus. All rooms are double occupancy. Floors are all gender, with bathrooms designated male or female. Students can choose the bathroom with which they identify. A mandatory meal plan will be required during dining availability. Room assignments will be available upon check-in at the Wilkins Hall Front Desk on the beginning date of the contract period.


Contract Type Move In Double Move Out
Weekly Every Sunday beginning May 14 at noon $169 By 6 p.m. on Satuday, after ending of class
3 Week Sunday before classes start at noon $507 By 6 p.m. on Saturday, after ending of class
4 Week Sunday before classes start at noon $676 By 6 p.m. on Saturday, after ending of class
6 Week Sunday before classes start at noon $1,014 By 6 p.m. on Saturday, after ending of class
8 Week Sunday before classes start at noon $1,352 By 6 p.m. on Saturday, after ending of class
13 Week Sunday before classes start at noon $2,197 By 6 p.m. on Saturday, after ending of class

Payment Options

Housing charges will be billed to the Student Account every semester and included in the installment plan for that particular semester. Billing statements will be available online. Students can access them via My.IllinoisState. Students may either print them and provide copies to appropriate payers or provide on-line access via authorized user access. Visit the Student Accounts website for information about authorized user access, billing statement dates, due dates, and payment options.


Students moving out of the halls before the end of their contract will be responsible for charges as outlined in the Residence Hall Summer Contract Terms and Conditions located below. Contract cancellations forms must be submitted to Please see the cancellation form below.

2023 Summer Housing Cancellation Form

Residence Hall Summer Contract Terms and Conditions

  • I. Introduction

All the material contained herein becomes and shall be an integral part of all residence hall agreements at Illinois State University. It is the student’s responsibility to become familiar with all provisions of this agreement. These terms and conditions are not intended to provide the general or specific residence hall information of a non-contractual nature which can be found online on the University Housing website under Policies.

University regulations and policies affecting residence hall agreements are subject to changes and additions. Such changes and additions shall be officially announced by email to your Illinois State Official email address. The changes and additions shall become effective and binding at the date of such emailed communication.

  • II. Eligibility

University admission and enrollment do not guarantee eligibility for on-campus housing. A student must be registered at the University and must be at least 17 years of age at the time of commencement of their residence hall occupancy. Requests for exceptions to the minimum age requirement may be submitted to University Housing Services for review by the Director.

University Housing Services reserves the right to deny or cancel a residence hall application-contract to students whose past behavior and/or criminal record indicates a possible risk to the safety, health, or life of any person, and/or to the safety of public or private property, and/or disruption to the residence hall community or living-learning environment. If a decision to deny on-campus housing is made prior to the first day of the contract period, the student will be financially responsible for the nonrefundable application fee if previously charged. If a decision is made on or after the first day of the contract period, the student is still responsible for all cancelation charges pursuant to the contract; the charges will be assessed on the same basis as outlined in Section E.

  • III. General Terms and Conditions

A. Purpose

The premises will be used by the student solely for residential and educational purposes.

B. Furnishings

The University supplies basic furniture, such as desk, chair, dresser, closet, bed, draperies, and mattress. Students supply their own sheets, pillow, pillow case, mattress pad, blanket, bedspread, towels, wastebasket (these should be metal) and other personal items. Students must not move furniture from room to room, stack furniture, move furniture from public areas to their rooms, or detach fixed furniture. Halogen lamps are prohibited in the residence halls.

C. Residence Hall Staff

In order to assist students to adjust to and derive a maximum of educational benefits from their residence hall experience, each hall has a staff of professionals, graduates, and undergraduates to assist and advise residents.

D. Assignment and Room Change Policy

The University reserves the right to make assignment of space, to authorize or deny room and roommate changes and to require a student to move from one room or residence hall to another. The University further reserves the right to require a student to vacate the residence halls on a temporary or permanent basis for a legitimate reason including but not limited to: failure to meet financial obligations to the University, exhibiting behavior not conducive to the living-learning environment established in the residence halls, or failure to remain in good standing with the University. The charges outlined in Section E will apply. Residents who withdraw from the University are required to vacate the residence halls within three calendar days.

Room changes are considered after the students involved have made a serious attempt to adjust to the situation. Requests for room changes must be approved by the Residence Hall Coordinator in that area. No room changes may be made during the first ten days of classes at the beginning of each semester.

It is the policy of the University to assign roommates without regard to race, creed, or sexual orientation. University Housing Services at Illinois State University makes housing and roommate assignments based upon a student’s gender identity. The University mails or emails room assignment notices to advise students of their assigned space within a residence hall.

University Housing Services will attempt to recognize mutual roommate preferences insofar as regular residence hall space is available.

Residence hall applications for freshmen and transfer students will not be processed until the applications for admission have been approved by the Office of Admissions and Records.

E. Cancellation Policy

Residence hall contracts are for the contract period as indicated on the Summer Session 2023 application-contract or balance remaining at the time of assignment. Residence hall contracts may be cancelled by the student according to the following dates, charges, and provisions:

Summer Housing Contract Cancellation Charges
More than 10 business days before the beginning date of Contract No charge
Within 10 business days of the beginning date of contract $75 cancellation charge
On or after the first date of contract Full room charges for all contract period*

*If the student’s contract for residence hall space is accepted and received by the University after the opening date for the contract period, they shall have three (3) calendar days after such date of acceptance to cancel with a $75.00 cancellation charge and prorated room charges. The date the contract is received by the University shall be considered the date of acceptance. After the three day period, the student shall be responsible for full room charges for the entire summer session (as outlined above).

  1. Requests for cancellation must be signed by the student and completed in the Housing and Dining Portal. To request a paper cancellation form please contact University Housing at (309) 438-8611 or
  2. All requests for cancellation must be addressed to Illinois State University, University Housing Services, Campus Box 2600, Normal, IL 61790-2600. Notification of cancellation to other University offices or departments will NOT terminate the contract.
  3. University Housing Services will acknowledge, by email, receipt of a student’s request for cancellation of the contract. If the cancellation request is not acknowledged within ten (10) days, it is the student’s responsibility to contact University Housing Services to ascertain that the request was received.
  4. Residents who withdraw from the University are required to cancel the residence hall contract and vacate the residence halls within three calendar days.
  5. The student will be held responsible for cancellation charges as outlined above. The cancellation date is the date the written request for cancellation is received in University Housing Services or, if after the halls open, the date the student officially checks out of the residence hall with the Residence Hall Coordinator.
  6. No reduction for summer housing charges will be made for cancellations occurring during the last two weeks of the summer session.
  7. Failure to claim the assigned housing space by 12:00 noon on the second day of classes will result in cancellation of the contract unless prior notification is received by University Housing Services. The student will be held responsible for full room charges for the entire Summer Session.
  8. Upon the non-payment of any portion of rental herein, the University may cancel the contract and may refuse new registration to the student.
  9. Residence Hall contract cancellation charges for first-time Illinois State University students receiving Title IV financial aid are in compliance with Public Act 102-325, the Higher Education Amendments. Examples of the residence hall cancellation charges for Title IV recipients are available upon request from Illinois State University, University Housing Services, Campus Box 2600, Normal, IL 61790-2600.

F. Contract Release Request

A contract release request is a formal written petition to obtain a release from the contract cancellation charges outlined in the Cancellation Policy (refer to Section E). Students who experience significant changes in circumstances beyond their control which prevent them from fulfilling the terms of the contract and which cannot be resolved within the residence halls system, may obtain a Contract Release Request Form from University Housing Services. Contract Release Requests must be sent to the attention of the Assistant Director at Illinois State University, University Housing Services, Campus Box 2600, Normal, IL 61790-2600. The request will be reviewed, and a decision will be communicated to the student via email.

G. Room Key

A room key shall be issued to each resident. The key shall remain University property loaned or licensed to the student only so long as the student may rightfully occupy the residence hall room to which said key provides access. The resident shall not deliver, surrender, or otherwise relinquish possession of the room key to any unauthorized individual or permit the key to be duplicated or modified. Unauthorized possession, duplication, or modification of said key may be grounds for criminal prosecution.

The student shall deliver possession of said key to an authorized University official immediately upon termination of the student’s right to occupy the residence hall room to which said key provides access, or otherwise immediately upon demand of such official. Violation of any provision in this paragraph may be grounds for declaring the student in breach of the contract or other action by the University. Loss of the room key will result in a core change for which the student will be billed.

H. Liability

The University assumes no responsibility of liability for the personal property of students. This includes damage, loss, fire, water damage, theft, flooding, etc. Students desiring this kind of protection must make their own arrangements for insurance.

I. Solicitation

The University prohibits any sales or solicitation in the residence halls without the written consent of University Housing Services.

J. Appliances, Cooking, and Food Storage

All electrical appliances in residence halls must be Underwriter Laboratory approved. Refrigerators are permitted in student rooms providing they do not exceed 4 cubic feet and draw no more than 1.5 running amps. Electrical heat-producing and cooking appliances, except for hair appliances, Keurig/single serve beverage maker, and contact lens cleaning appliances are prohibited from possession and/or usage in the residence halls. Irons may be used only in designated areas of each hall. A microwave oven is provided on each student living floor. Food permitted in student rooms must be stored in such a way as to prevent health and sanitation problems from developing.

K. Excluded Items

The following items are not permitted to be used or stored in the student rooms or any other area of the residence halls: any internal combustion engine, any acids, automobile batteries, halogen lamps, gasoline, firearms or other weapons, fireworks, water beds or other water-filled furniture. Due to health standards and possible inconvenience to other residents, no animals (except for animals approved by Student Access & Accommodation Services), birds, or pets of any kind other than fish are to be housed or kept in the residence halls. Weight lifting equipment and devices, musical instruments equipped with amplifying devices, and instruments which disturb other residents may be used only in those areas of the residence halls so designated. They may not be used in student rooms.

L. Telephone Service

Local telephone service is not provided by University Housing Services.

M. Subletting and Unauthorized Use of Rooms

The student shall not allow anyone to live in their room who is not assigned to it by University Housing Services or assign this contract to any other person. Residents who allow their room to be used in violation of this provision are subject to a penalty charge not to exceed the full room charge for each violation, and possible disciplinary action.

N. University Policy Concerning Room Inspection, Entry, and Search

The University reserves a reasonable right of entry into student rooms to assure proper maintenance and repair, and/or to investigate when reasonable cause exists to believe that a violation of residence hall or other University regulation is occurring within student rooms. The complete policy on room entry and search can be found in the Residence Hall Handbook.

O. Non-waiver of Covenants and Conditions

The failure of the University to insist upon strict performance of any of the covenants or conditions of this agreement or to avail itself of any rights or privileges enumerated herein, in any one or more instances with regard to any one or more students, shall not constitute a waiver or relinquishment for the future of such covenant, condition, right, or privilege, but the same shall remain in full force and effect. The receipt by the University of any payment, with the knowledge of the breach of any covenant or condition hereof, shall not constitute a waiver of such breach, and no waiver by the University of any provision hereof shall be effective unless expressed in writing and signed by an authorized representative of the University.

P. Campus Dining Services:

Meal plans are required for all students living in traditional residence halls from May 15 through August 11 and are administered by Event Management, Dining, and Hospitality. Students may select their meal plan online by visiting the Housing and Dining portal. If a meal plan is not selected, you will automatically be assigned the 21-Meal Traditional meal plan for the duration of your summer housing contract.

Q. Smoking

Under the Illinois Smoke-Free Campus Act and other state laws, smoking and tobacco are prohibited on all campus property including grounds, and parking lots. Smoking and tobacco use are allowed in privately-owned vehicles when traveling through campus or parked in an unenclosed lot on campus.

R. Hover Boards

Due to safety reasons, hover boards (battery-operated self-balancing scooters) are not permitted anywhere in University Housing and Campus Dining facilities effective immediately. Hall staff will confiscate hover boards and students will receive a policy violation as well as be referred to the Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution office. Students will be able to collect their hover board as they leave campus.

  • IV. Room Rates

Residents are responsible for payment according to the Summer Housing selection on the application-contract form. Room rates for Summer Housing 2023 are as follows.

Contract Rate Double
Weekly $169
3 Week $507
4 Week $676
6 Week $1,014
8 Week $1,352
13 Week $2,197

Residents are held responsible for damage to residence hall property and will pay all charges upon receiving a bill for the damage.

Housing charges will be billed to the student from the Student Accounts Office. Payments may be made in full or in the installment plan. A $30 service charge is assessed for students who do not pay in full with their contract or who select the installment plan. For the installment plan option please contact the Student Accounts Office at (309) 438-5643. Billing statements will be available online. Students can access them via Students may either print them and provide copies to appropriate payers or provide on-line access via authorized user access. Visit the Student Accounts website for information about authorized user access, billing statement dates, due dates, and payment options.

Scholarships, grants, or loans will be used to pay room and board charges and other outstanding debts, charges, or penalties with the University. Any amount remaining will be refunded to the student via the University’s Student Accounts Office. All checks should be made payable to Illinois State University. The student’s university identification number must be written on the check. Please note that receipts for payment are not mailed. Forward the completed application-contract and all future payments to: ILLINOIS STATE UNIVERSITY, STUDENT ACCOUNTS OFFICE, CAMPUS BOX 1210, NORMAL, IL 61790-1210. Questions concerning your University account should be directed to the Student Accounts Office, (309) 438-5643.

The University reserves the right to increase residence hall room rates at any time.

  • V. Room Rates University on Campus Housing Policy
Students should refer to the University Housing Services website at
  • VI. University Regulations and Governmental Statues

Failure to observe University regulations, Federal, State, or local laws subjects the violator to University disciplinary action and/or prosecution in the civil courts and/or cancellation of the Residence Hall Contract.

Illinois State University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution in accordance with Civil Rights legislation and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, or other factors prohibited by law in any of its educational programs, activities, admissions or employment policies, except where age, sex, or lack of a physical or mental restriction are bona fide occupational requirements. University policy prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity/expression. Problems of this nature are to be resolved within existing university procedures. Concerns regarding this policy should be referred to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access, Campus Box 1280, Normal, IL 61790-1280, telephone (309) 438-3383. The Title IX Coordinator and ADA/§504 Coordinator may be reached at the same address.

An equal opportunity/affirmative action university.